Recipe: Sandwich with Panelle and Crocchè


26 Aug Recipe: Sandwich with Panelle and Crocchè

Sandwich with panelle and crocchè, also known as “pani with fritters and cazzilli”, is one of the most famous street food in Palermo. It is said that the origins of the panelle go back to the Arab domination in Sicily, between the ninth and the eleventh centuries. Arabs, in fact, wanted to try any recipes with chickpea, a leguminous plant originating in the East, grinding it in a flour.

The destiny of panelle is shared with the crocchè, or cazzilli, and with the sandwich (white bread, preferably covered with sesame seeds). People from Palermo are so gluttons of this special food that it is impossible to count, in the town, the fried-food shops ready to serve this dish from the early hours of the morning, as it is often eaten for breakfast as well.

This sandwich with panelle and crocchè is very simple to prepare and, at the same time, it is very tasty and it has nothing to envy to fast food imported from the States, known to be more elaborate and less healthy.

Here is the recipe for a great sandwich with panelle and crocchè for about 10 people to prepare it directly at home:


10 brioche buns with sesame seeds: 10


Ingredients for 50 Panelle

Water: 1,5 l

Sale: 10 gr

Chopped parsley: 10 gr

Seed Oil to fry

Pepper to taste

Chickpea flour: 500g

Put cold water in a pot and add chickpea flour. Stir vigorously to avoid lumps, then turn the heat to low heat. Add salt, pepper and parsley and, when it begins to thicken and boil, cook for 10 minutes. All without ever stopping to stir. Place the dough in a rectangular tray, narrow with high sides, and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. At this point, cut into half centimeter thick slices and fry for a few minutes until they are golden brown on both sides. To eliminate the excess oil recommend you place them on a paper towel.

Crocchè (Cazzilli)

We prepare now crocché: defrost an envelope of Crocchè Sfornamì from 2500 gr, bake the product in the oven for 12 minutes at 180 ° C or in a pan for 8 minutes. Bake or fry it, depending on your taste, until the crocchè will be gold and crispy. Drive them out of the oven or, if you decide to fry them, remove them and put them to dry on absorbent paper.

Finally, cut the bread, fill with Panelle and crocchè, taking care of squeezing out a bit of lemon juice, and the dish is ready!